Irena in the age of the corona is a cycle of self-portraits created during the corona virus pandemic.

Empty, 50 x 70 cm, felt pen, ink, 2020.
Where are the grants for artist?, 50x70cm, felt pen, ink, newspaper collage, 2020.
I'm Still Standing, 70 x 100 cm, felt pen, ink, collage of bank notice, 2020.
Defiance, 25 x 35 cm, felt pen, ink, 2020.
Sinking deep, 25 x 35 cm, felt pen, ink, 2020.
Aaaaaa, What the fuck!, 25 x 35 cm, felt pen, ink, 2020.
This Is The End Of The World As I Know It!, 25x35cm, felt pen, ink, 2020.
Irena in the age of the corona, 25x35cm, felt pen, 2020.
The mask I hide behind, terracotta, 28x21x12cm, 2020.
Zen, 37x26x12cm, terracotta, metal, 2020.
Fade away, 29x20x14cm, terracotta, 2020.
New normal, 27x18x13cm, terracotta, 2021.
Boiling point, 40x30x12cm,terracotta, 2020.
Picking up the pieces of myself, 27x18x13cm, terracotta, acrylic, twine, wire, 2021.
Freedomless, 41x16x13cm, patinated terracotta, metal, 2021.
I'm losing my marbles, 25x17x12cm, terracotta, acrylic, marbles, 2021.
Cried all my tears, 31x17x16cm, patinated terracotta, glass, 2021.