medals and trophies

Be inspired, 85x77mm, bronze, plastic, 2004.
Destiny, 66mm, bronze, 2006.
Mom, thank you!, 105x102x20mm, wood, coper wire, acrylic, 2019.
Dad, 80mm, porcelain, 2022.
Family, 170mm, ceramics, black clay and glaze, 2022.
Family, 170mm, ceramics, black clay and glaze, 2022.
Snow Queen, 85x77x15mm, ceramics, 2017.
Marija Jurić Zagorka, 100x81x15mm, ceramics, 2017.
It's great to be a mum, 104x80x10mm, ceramic, 2017.
Let's play, 85x78mm, bronze, glass, 2004.
Be united, 6,5x8cm, bronze, 2004.
Studio Cat, 71mm, bronze, 2006.
Passages to Reconstruction,61mm, bronze, 2006.
Portrait of Anđelko Odak, bronze, 1998.
Cat, 13x11x5,5cm, aluminum, 2003.
Kleščićeva street-9,5x2,5x22cm, Samobor- 8x4x20,7cm, Fools go crazy22x2,5x23cm, ceramics, copper, wood, 2018.
Selfportrait, 7,5x5x11,5cm, bronze, 1998.

I started creating medals, tactiles and trophies during my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Working in a small format, in the form of a double-sided medal and a tactile, was a creative challenge for me. I exhibited medals and tactiles at world exhibitions of medals - FIDEM (Federation Internationale de la medaille) Seixal, Portugal, Colorado Springs, USA and Ottawa, Canada and at the Ivo Kerdić Memorial-Triennial of Croatian Medal-Making in Osijek.